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But first of all, why do people start trading crypto anyway? Digital currency isn’t something you can touch, see growing on a tree or put in your pocket. But it’s sometimes very expensive and valuable asset people want to buy for real (fiat) money and hold for years, checking crypto market cap every hour despite sleepless nights and nervous hours during price swings.

crypto marketIf you do not know what crypto is and ask a trader to explain you some basics, he/she will probably send you some YouTube guide. That’s because they do not know or forgot what crypto is, in most of cases. Crypto trader is interested only in cryptocoin market activity, and there you can see crypto coin abbreviations, prices and their statistics. You do not need to go deep into technical details of each crypto coin to trade it profitably.

However, one of the most important factors that can predict crypto volatility vector is news. To analyze them you need to have some basic knowledge. That’s why I have written some articles about crypto and blockchain.

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