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Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies became very popular during the last a couple of years. These days, more and more people become interested in these things, which forces other people to work on the development of these technologies and their implementation. Average people, who aren’t related to finances and crypto world know not much about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but for people who work with the finances every day, their invention became a breakthrough or one more method to generate a good profit. This article has a goal to describe such things as a Blockchain stock and a crypto stock.

For many people, the question “where to invest money” plays a great role in their life because they want to earn some money on such decisions. These days, there are two the most popular opportunities to invest money and get good profit. The first one is crypto stock, and the second one is Blockchain stock. There are several obvious reasons why cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology became the question of investment.
  • Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology have brought something new and interesting for people.
  • Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology have good potential.
  • Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology could solve several problems related to operations with data and money, especially the problems of double-spending and security.

It is also necessary to mention that cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology have strong bonds. Basically, some of the cryptocurrencies are based on the Blockchain. For this reason, investments in such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are partly investments in the Blockchain technology. Yet, it doesn’t mean that there are no methods to invest directly in a Blockchain stock. Basically, the blockchain technology doesn’t require cryptocurrencies but can be very helpful in various spheres, such as elections, derivatives, online security, crimes investigations, etc.

If you have doubts where it is better to invest your money, you should find out and understand the difference between investing in a crypto stock and investing in a Blockchain stock.
When you put your money in a crypto stock, it has nothing similar to an average investment in regular stock. When you decide to purchase some stock or shares of some company you get some rights to interfere in the work of this company and get some profit out of this. Yet, when you invest in a crypto stock, you just purchase a couple of the units of some cryptocurrency. You have no direct impact on the currency or miners. Moreover, it is possible to earn some money on cryptocurrencies only if you trade them. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that different cryptocurrencies have different purposes.
To become a successful investor that works with the digital money, you should know everything not only about trading, but also understand cryptocurrencies and everything related to them. If it fits you, you just need to create a wallet in terms of the chosen digital currency or currencies and find an exchange platform that will help you to invest in a crypto stock and generate profit on this. The most popular exchange platforms are:

  • OKEx;
  • Binance;
  • Upbit;
  • Kraken;
  • GDAX;
  • Bitfinex;

To invest in a Blockchain stock avoiding cryptocurrencies is possible by several ways. First of all, it is possible to find out some startup company that is related to the technology and invest money in its shares. However, this decision is quite risky because many companies can call themselves blockchain companies, even if they aren’t.

The second possible variant of how to invest in a Blockchain stock directly is by crowdfunding platforms. Such platforms let investors put their cash into a couple of Blockchain and BTC startup companies.
One more opportunity for the investors to put money in a Blockchain stock is to invest in ICOs, which are the Blockchain projects. Many companies are ready to work with ICOs because it is possible to get good money. However, this method is quite risky because it isn’t regulated well. In any case, investments in the Blockchain technology requires good knowledge from a person, the same as it is necessary when you invest in cryptocurrencies.
If you want to be confident in your choice, you can take into consideration the companies that are popular among investors, who put their money in Blockchain.
  • BTCS or Bitcoin Shop;
  • Global Arena Holding;
  • DigitalX;
  • BTL Group or Beyond The Limit;
  • Consilium Group;
  • First Bitcoin Capital.

Probably, this information has helped you to decide what it is better to invest in a crypto stock or a blockchain stock. However, if you still have doubts, you take into consideration the perspectives and risks, of every variant. Of course, both of the choices have their risks, which means that your decision can rely on the level of risk you are ready to accept. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are both perspective technologies that are necessary for various spheres. Yet, it is possible to choose the one that you think has higher potential, which requires from you careful studying of these questions. Count all pluses and minuses and make your profitable decision.

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