Cheap Cryptocurrencies that May Repeat Bitcoin’s Success

Today investors are searching for the cheapest cryptocurrency which will rise in price. Hardly surprising, taking into consideration the breakout of Bitcoin in 2017 when the Internet was flooded with rags-to-riches stories of the Bitcoin owners. Of course, it is almost impossible to backdoor the way to Bitcoin success now because of the price per coin – currently about $6,400. The BTC price has faced some ups and downs, however, one may say for sure that the cryptocurrency in general and the blockchain, in particular, will develop.

So if you want to get the most of the crypto success, but do not want to spend a fortune on a shard of a coin, then this review cheap cryptocurrency may come in handy.

Things to know before we start

It is necessary to understand that there is a big difference between the currencies. Some assets work as a fiat currency and are used for conducting transactions. Others are called “tokens” and are used by a company to raise money and their price depends on the success of the company’s product.

Also, one should be aware of the scammers as some tokens simply get into the stride of the cryptocurrencies’ success and as soon as the owners of the token collect enough money, they may vanish into thin air without a trace.

Our forecast for cheap cryptocurrency includes the coins that have received a quite high evaluation from the experts and are considered to be trustworthy.

Top list of the promising cheap cryptocurrencies


This altcoin is a No 1 coin in the ratings of digital currencies in China and is called the next Ethereum. The distinctive feature of this coin is that here much prominence is given to the development of the blockchain and decentralized apps on its platform.

Any NEO holder is a shareholder of its blockchain and receives dividends and that makes NEO the best “Hold on for dear life” coin as it can be compared with a dividend paying stock.

What are the pros and cons of this coin?

  • This token is backed by the Chinese government
  • Pays dividends
  • It is impossible to buy a part of a coin, so buying may be challenging when the price goes up
  • The influence of government involvement is unpredictable


Stellar (XML) appears in our rating cheap crypto currency for a reason. The partnership with the IBM is very promising and may lead to the rise in the price. The main target of this token is to find the best exchange rates in real time for conducting the transactions in various currencies between people and banks.

  • IBM is one of the largest ATM manufacturers worldwide so it may be used in many ATMs around the globe
  • It is the 14th largest market cap coin, although the coin is relatively new
  • The founders of Stripe and WordPress invest in Stellar
  • There are many rivals based on the Ethereum blockchain
  • The usage of the coin is limited


One may say that this coin is known among Reddit users only. This token was created by a well-known and reputable fintech company Omise on the base of Ethereum.

  • The strong team of developers has a great potential to boost the level of the token
  • Here the community has a great influence on the development of the coin
  • Despite the slow speed of development the project is stable and rising

Nano (RaiBlocks)

This token is the most underestimated in any review cheap cryptocurrency, however, it is safe to say that it has a great potential. One of the reasons for its success is a great team of developers who have managed to create an altcoin with, perhaps, the fastest transaction on the market. The network takes no fees for transactions and its protection and security meet high standards.

The low price of the token can be explained by lack of listing as RaiBlocks have done little marketing. The coin is presented on four exchanges only, Binance, Kucoin, Mercatox, and Bigrail. And the coin still has managed to enter the top 50 in market capitalization.

The currencies from this list have a potential to rise at least ten times this year. Some cutting-edge technologies used in the creation of these coins can become real game changers in the crypto world. And as the banks and investors get into digital coins many small ICOs now have a potential to enter the big leagues.


This coin has managed to get 22,500% rise in one year from $0.03 to $6.80. What is the reason for such success? This coin is like an improved version of Bitcoin, protected from the dangers that huge mining pools may bring to the network like the pools that mine Bitcoins and may focus too much power in the hands of a few people. This coin is decentralized to the max and it has drawn the attention of the Reddit users.

It is safe to say that cheap is not necessarily bad or scam in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. So check the forecast for cheap cryptocurrency to stay away from scammers and reap the benefits of the smartmoney.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the behavior of such a volatile market as the crypto one. Still, when you find the cheapest cryptocurrency which will rise in price you may rest assured that the profit will not be long in coming.

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