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Cryptocurrency topic is very popular these days. Many people talk about cryptocurrencies, their trading, mining, exchanging, and so on. There are many different topics related to this one some way or another. This article has a goal to disclose the information about cloud computing and crypto cloud computing, data mining and data mining in cloud computing, and GPU cloud mining. These topics are quite far away from cryptocurrencies, but data transportation, storage, and mining can have a lot of similar things with the same cryptocurrency categories. Moreover, data mining and cloud computing can be beneficial for average people and various companies that require gathering, analyzing, exchanging the data. By reading this piece of writing, you will get not only short definitions of everything mentioned above but also thorough explanation.

Cloud computing and crypto cloud computing
Cloud computing, frequently named just “the Cloud” is the distribution of computing resources when it is necessary, including apps and data centers, using the web, which is based on the pay-for-utilize system. To share resources in order to get consistency and economies of scale. Cloud computing can be very advantageous for different companies and average users. It expands abilities and develops potential dynamically not using upgraded software, or infrastructure systems. However, there are certain questions of safety that should be solved. It has several characteristics that should be mentioned in order to understand the topic.
  • Distributed infrastructure.
  • Dynamic provisioning.
  • Access to the network.
  • Managed metering.

It is also necessary to know that cloud computing has several types relying on requirement questions:

  • Private.
  • Public.
  • Hybrid.
  • Community.

Crypto cloud computing (the Cryptocloud) is based on cloud computing, but it has a fresh and safe system. It can protect data at the system level. Moreover, it let people use shared services in a convenient and accurate way. Basically, it is an extensive delivery computing model that is based on the economies of scale. The difference between the first term and the second one is hidden in the word “crypto.” Generally, crypto cloud computing is the same cloud computing protected by cryptography.

The most vulnerable place of cloud computing is in the cloud operators. It is possible that they can manipulate users’ data, which means that it is impossible to trust them completely. For this reason, average cloud computing systems aren’t good for keeping delicate data, including medical information, financial information, business information, etc.
There are a few things that provide cloud computing security with the help of the newest cryptographic methods.
  • Homomorphic encryption.
  • Proofs of storage.
  • Searchable encryption.
  • Verifiable computation.
Data mining and data mining in cloud computing
Data mining is the process of analysis that searches for beneficial patterns/trends in a great pool of data. The most important aim of data mining is to identify earlier undiscovered relations among information, particularly when this data is taken from several databases.
Data mining has many techniques that are widely used to analyze information. The most significant of them are presented in the list below.
  • Clustering.
  • Classification.
  • Association.
  • Regression.
  • Attribute importance.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Feature extraction.

Data mining is a wonderful technology that can help many organizations with focusing only on the vital data in terms of their warehouses. Instruments of data mining can foresee trends and moves, which is beneficial for businesses if they want to make good decisions based on knowledge but not guesses. Not only businesses but also organizations in the medical and political spheres can get a lot of benefits from data mining.

Techniques of data mining can be very beneficial in Cryptocloud or cloud computing. It becomes more popular in various stages of doing business. Apart from this, the Cryptocloud is very beneficial for scientific computing. For this reason, data mining and the Cloud have a tight connection that can be very advantageous.
First of all, the purpose of the data mining in cloud computing is to extract structured data from unstructured or partly structured Internet information sources. It helps companies with the centralization of the control under software and storage of the information, with confidence that customers will get effective, trustworthy, and safe services.
There are two main effects of utilization of the data mining with the help of the Cryptocloud.
The clients need to pay only for instruments of data mining that are necessary for them. This cuts their expenses because they have no need to pay for a complicated data mining complete set that they don’t use fully.
The clients don’t need to work with hardware systems because they can use data mining option with the help of an average browser. This cuts their expenses because it is enough to pay only for utilizing cloud computing.
Yet, not only average people find such combination beneficial. Data mining together with the Cloud cuts the limits that don’t let small firms use data mining tools.
GPU cloud mining or Graphics Processing Unit cloud mining
GPU mining is widely used for mining cryptocurrencies because it speeds up the process of mining. Basically, GPU is one of the processing devices, which job is to take care of its video rendering system. It is proved that utilization of the CPU or Central Processing Unit is quite slow if to compare with the GPU. Moreover, GPU consumes not that much power as CPU. The reason of effectiveness of the GPU in mining process is hidden in the things that GPU and CPU do better. GPU is good for similar and repetitious actions when CPU is perfect for multiple and diverse tasks. Nowadays, there are some other modern devices that compete with the GPU cryptocurrency mining. However, it doesn’t mean that GPU cloud mining isn’t effective for the data. GPU cloud mining is perfect for complex calculations whether these calculations are related to cryptocurrencies or information.
These topics are quite new, and it will take some time to develop the systems and start using them as best as it is possible. In addition, there is a lot of information that is not known right now. In a couple of years, smart people can find something new technologies that will replace cloud mining and GPU mining of the data. It is also possible that the existing technologies will be improved and used by most of the small and large companies in the world.

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